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Restart? Germany and Poland in Europe

The Institute of Public Affairs and the European Academy in Berlin cordially invite you to a closed expert discussion on the subject of Successful Migration and Integration Policy: Policy and Society in Dialogue and European Migration Policy: External Factors, Internal Challenges and Possible Solutions.

The discussion will take place in a narrow circle of experts in the "off the record" formula in Polish and German languages, and will be translated simultaneously.

The meeting is part of a full-day seminar, during which people representing various environments and professions with the potential of multiplication (expert circles, media) will be able to familiarize themselves with current discussions in Germany on European policy, migration and digitalisation. We also invite you to participate in the other parts.


25 June 2019r.


Zielna Conference Centre
ul. Zielna 37
00-108 Warsaw

Tel.: +48 22 338 62 01

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