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EMN webinar “Missing children in the European Union”

We would like to invite You to participate in the EMN webinar that will take place on 3rd December 2020, between 10.00 – 13.05 (CEST).

This webinar is jointly organized by the national contact points of the European Migration Network (EMN) - EMN Cyprus, EMN Greece, EMN Italy, and EMN Luxembourg. This is the first webinar of two events that will address the important topic of children in migration.  The two events will also present the key findings of two EMN outputs – EMN Inform “How do EU member states treat cases of missing unaccompanied minors?”  and EMN Synthesis Report entitled “Children in Migration”.

The webinar is intended in two parts:

The first part from 10.00 to 11.30 will introduce the state of play of the topic

The second part from 11.55 to 13.05 will focus on good practices presented by national experts.

To register for the event follow this link:


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