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Webinar ‘Implications of the Covid-19 Crisis for Mobile Care Workers in Europe’

The webinar will give a short introduction into the different types of long-term care regimes in Europe and discuss the relevance of migration and mobility for long-term care provision. It will then discuss the links between care funding systems and mobility regimes for care workers, highlighting the links between mobility regimes and care work. Focusing on the case of the long-term care regime in Austria, it will discuss the challenges posed by existing regulations and the effects of Covid-19 crisis on mobile care workers. While the pandemic highlighted the relevance of care workers for long-term care systems in many EU Member States, it also deepened the inequalities and dependencies already existing in transnational care arrangements. The case of Romanian and Slovak live-in carers in Austria underlines the need to better balance the interests of sending and receiving countries in the field of long-term care in Europe.

Please register to the event through the link: You will receive the link to the virtual room, as soon as your registration is approved.

The webinar will be held in English with simultaneous interpretation into Russian. The approximate duration will be 1,5 hours. The event will be carried out via Zoom and can be accessed directly through your browser, following the link received. Should you have not received the confirmation email with the link, please do the following:

  1.        On 11 March, go to the event registration page, fill out the form indicating your email address and submit the data.
  2.        Scroll down the page until you see the link at the bottom. By following this link, you will be able to join the event

 Data and time: 11 March, 10:30 AM CET (Berlin time), 12:30 AM (Moscow time) or 03:30 PM (Nur-Sultan time)

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