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Sixth Conference of the National Migration Network

On 28 November 2013, the Sixth Conference of the National Migration Network (entitled "Identification of vulnerable groups and organisation of reception system for foreigners seeking asylum in Poland") took place.

The main objective of the conference was to analyze the Polish experience in the identification of vulnerable groups,  potential victims of trafficking in particular, Polish asylum system and the organization of the reception of foreigners applying for refugee status. As a result, an overview of current procedures and planned activities that may significantly improve current measures was presented. During the meeting its participants tried to answer a question whether measures applied by Poland with regard to reception, meet foreigners' expectations, and whether certain elements of the reception systems implemented in other member states of the EU may be successfully applied in Poland.

The Conference provided also an opportunity to present two recent studies of the European Migration Network, entitled "The organization of the reception facilities for foreigners applying for refugee status in the various member states of the EU" and "Identification of victims of trafficking under the procedures for granting international protection and forced returns." During the meeting, representatives from Belgium, Finland, France, Slovakia and Italy presented their national reports.

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