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Seventh Conference of the National Migration Network

On 25th June 2014, the Seventh Conference of the National Migration Network (entitled "Tendencies and evolution of the social and health system for foreigners in view of the international obligations regarding social policy" took place.

The goal of the conference was to bring together experts to exchange good practices, experiences and views on social security and health systems toward migrants and practical measures to combat social exclusion. During the conference the main findings of the EMN study entitled: “Migrant access to social security and healthcare: policies and practice” were presented.

Within the topics raised during the Conference were the following:

  • What are the formal international, EU and national rules that shape entitlements to social security and healthcare for third-country nationals in EU Member States?
  • What is the value of agreements that exist between EU Member States and third countries that affect the entitlement to social security and healthcare of certain groups of immigrants?
  • What type of actions regarding combating social exclusion and promoting mutual development are taken in the country of origin of migrants and in the territory of EU Member States?

The conclusions from the meeting are available under the tab "News".


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