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Russia introduces free visas to Kaliningrad Oblast

From July 1st 2019, citizens of 50 countries, including Poles, will be able to apply for free, electronic visa to the Kaliningrad Oblast. The visa will allow for 8-day stay.

To obtain visa it is required to complete the application which will be available on website of Russian Federation’s Ministry of Foreign Policy. It has to be done at least 4 days before planned stay. Providing a photo is also required. Within 4 days the application will be verified, data will be transmitted to the border control posts. An applicant will be informed about visa-status in electronic way.

In order to cross the border, it will be necessary to show the identification number given after the visa has been granted as well as the identity document. Medical insurance and return ticket or confirmation of its pruchase should be also provided. Visa will be valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

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