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Italy, Slovenia start joint border patrols

A joint border patrol mission between Italy and Slovenia started on July 1st. The aim is to stem the flow of migrants reaching the north-eastern Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia from the eastern border.

A joint Italian-Slovenian border patrol officially began on Jult 1st. The main aim of the cross-border collaboration between the police forces is to stem the flow of migrants who cross into Italian territory from the eastern border. To start, four joint patrols have been planned per week with two Italian border police officers and two Slovenian colleagues who can be deployed in an area of up to 10 kilometers within their respective territories. As of June 29, Slovenian police at the border with Croatia registered 5,306 illegal crossings, compared to 3,612 in 2018. Most of them were Afghan, Algerian and Pakistani citizens. Therefore the situation remains critical outside the Schengen area at the border with Bosnia. Although readmissions have not increased compared to last year, Italian authorities explained, the aim of the joint border patrols is to prevent migrants from entering national territory. Once they have crossed into Italy, they cannot be sent back if they apply for asylum.

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