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Egypt Urges Nationals to Comply With Schengen Travel Rules

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt has warned its passport holders that the violation of the Schengen travel rules will result in arrest and fines upon arrival at the Schengen territory. The Ministry stresses that Egyptians must enter Schengen through the EU country the embassy of which grants them the visa in Cairo, rather than others.

According to the statement on the the Ministry wants to warn its nationals, due to the arrest of some citizens at European airports, and the denial of Schengen visas for several others, after they applied for visas from embassies of European countries that were not their main destination.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs warn against the violation of the rules of entry into the Schengen Area, which will result in the arrest of citizens for violation of these rules at the airport of arrival, fines of large sums of money and returning them to their country of origin,” the statement reads.

The phenomenon also known as “visa shopping”, is widely spread when it comes to Schengen visas. As a Schengen visa generally permits its holders to visit all Schengen countries, applicants often apply for Schengen visas that are easier to get, instead of applying for a visa to i.e. France, Germany or Switzerland, which is harder to get due to the high number of visas they receive.

Then holding an i.e. Estonia visa, travelers instead go to another country, for which they did not apply in the first place. This practice often results in denied entry to the Schengen area, which later can affect further Schengen visa applications.

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