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Fijians Can Apply for French Schengen Visas in Fiji Starting From September

About two years ago, the French embassy closed its visa section, outsourcing visa admission for Fijians to the French embassies in Port–Vila, Vanuatu and Manilla, Philippines. However, as of September this year, Fijians will no longer need to travel to Vanuatu or Philippines to apply for a short-stay visa to France.

The French Ambassador Sujuro Seam, who announced the news, said that in less than three months the embassy would be outsourcing its visa service and making it possible for Fijians to apply in Suva.

It’s been my priority since I arrived to reestablish the way for Fijians citizens to apply for visas locally here in Suva so the scheme we put in place is that we will contract a company, VFS which will do the visa application process for us here in Suva, it’s going to be at the Suva Business Centre where already it is possible to apply for visas for Germany or Norway,” he said.

Ambassador Seam also explained that the equipment for the visa applications’ admission and processing is expected to arrive in Fiji in August, which equipment will then be tested by the contractors and embassy staff.

Previously, only Norway received and processed Schengen visa applications for Fijians. As of May 1 this year, the German embassy outsourced visa admission to VFS Global in Suva too.

According to a press release of the EU External Action, other EU member countries are considering outsourcing visa submission to similar third-party visa processing companies, so Fijians can apply for Schengen visas in Suva.

The EU and Fiji noted that since 1 May Fiji citizens intending to travel to Germany can submit their applications for Schengen visas in Suva. Fiji reported on progress made in its discussions with other EU member states on a similar scheme that would allow for the processing of applications for Schengen visas in Suva, providing for visits to these EU member states,” the press release read.

Recently, France also announced that Liberians will no longer need to travel to Cote d’Ivore only to apply for a France short-stay visa, as by the end of September, they will be able to apply at the VFS offices in Monrovia.


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