European Migration Network


A new ESPON report entitled "Impact of the influx of refugees on territorial development in Europe" has just been published.

The published report responds to the demand of European countries for territorial data on the flow of asylum seekers and refugees, their distribution between countries, regions and cities within the EU, as well as the impact on socio-economic development. It also contains information on crisis management and integration.

The issues described in the report include:
· distribution of asylum seekers and refugees at regional and local level, as well as changes that have occurred as a result of European and national policies in recent decades
· skills and qualifications of refugees, the impact of the influx of refugees on regional and local labor markets of the host countries as well as demographic imbalance; skills and qualifications of foreigners and the needs of local labor markets
· different ways of dealing with the migration crisis in European cities located in countries of first arrival, transit and destination
· main challenges and best practices for the effective integration of refugees into the local community and on the labor market at regional and local level
· the impact of any implementation of the European relocation program on regions and cities of European countries, redistribution of refugees within the country

The full content of the report is available on the website:​

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