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A new wave of refugees is moving to European Union countries.

The Turkish government is opening the way for immigrants to Europe. This way Erdogan wants to force Brussels and NATO to help control the situation in Syria.

The head of the Turkish Interior Ministry, Suleyman Soylu, assured on Twitter that over 75,000 people were heading to the border with Greece and Bulgaria until Sunday. Greeks count on the help of Frontex, which has a rapid reaction force of 1.5 thousand officers.

From Ankara's point of view, Turkey's security is at stake, which cannot cope with the situation in Syria.

In the border province of Idlib, the offensive of President Assad, assisted by Russian air force, has been underway since December. This is the last bastion of resistance by anti-regime Syrian forces and Al-Qaeda-related jihadist military organizations, such as the powerful Hajat Tahrir al-Sham.
Escaping the bombings, thousands of Syrian refugees are camping in the middle of nowhere. The border with Turkey is tightly closed with a double steel mesh and barbed wire fence. Syrians don't even try to force it.

But the situation in Syria is getting worse day by day and Ankara is afraid of full destabilization of the entire border region.

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