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Frontex expects new influx of migrants at Turkish-Greek border

According to the Frontex report, once restrictions are eased in the Turkish provinces of Çanakkale, Istanbul and Izmir, there could be a huge number of migrants in the Greek-Turkish border, SchengenVisa reports.

At the beginning of March, Greece sought help from Frontex to deal with the increased number of illegal stayers and tighten the external border controls. Soon after, the Frontex responded positively to the Greece request, by helping to take the situation under control. In April, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (FRONTEX) asked its officers at the border between Greece and Turkey to maintain border controls, even amid Coronavirus outbreak, as the risk of another influx of migration from Turkey to Greece is still present. Last month, the majority of the EU Member Countries and the Schengen Associated States participating in the FRONTEX operations at the Greek land and sea borders decided to extend their deployment, under the agency’s request.
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