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As restrictions are eased, asylum applications in the EU+ increase significantly, but remain at half pre-COVID-19 levels. In June, asylum applications lodged in the EU+ more than tripled from May and almost returned to the level in March, which was at about half the number prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. EU+ countries issued slightly more decisions than last month, and more than the number of applications that were lodged. As a result, there was some reduction in the number of pending cases at first instance.


Key findings:

  • Despite the continuing gradual easing of containment measures across the EU+, asylum activities are still not fully resumed in most countries, with persisting effect on asylum trends.
  • In June, some 31 500 applications for international protection were lodged in the EU+, increasing considerably from May but still comparable with March, when the impact of emergency restrictions first became visible. 
  • There continued to be many more applications for asylum than detections of illegal border-crossing at the EU external border.
  • The share of repeated applicants (11 %) remained higher than the levels before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic despite a decline compared to the previous two months.
  • Compared to May, a wide range of citizenships started to lodge more applications but nearly all were still lodging fewer applications compared to pre-COVID-19 levels.
  • After recent increases, Syrians and Afghans continued to lodge the most applications for asylum. Venezuelans and Colombians suddenly started to lodge many applications again, after two months of very low levels of applications. 
  • Some 34 300 decisions were issued at first instance, somewhat more than in May but similar to April.
  • For the fourth successive month, more first-instance decisions were issued than applications were lodged, although the gap became much smaller.
  • At the end of April, some 965 000 cases are estimated to have been pending at all instances (including appeals).
  • At the end of June, some 426 700 cases were pending at first instance in the EU+, decreasing for the fourth consecutive month.
  • The EU+ recognition rate for EU-regulated forms of protection was 37 %, similar to the previous month but higher than in the beginning of the year.

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