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The Migrational Analytical Centre - national meeting

As we can read on the website of the Office for Foreigners, the main goal of the conference was to deepen cooperation at the expert level and to discuss the latest migration data. The event was attended by representatives of public administration institutions, research centers and non-governmental organizations. Due to the epidemiological situation, the meeting was organized on-line.

The meeting began with the presentation of the current status of work within the Migration Analytical Center. A report on migration trends in the V4 countries was presented, prepared by experts from the Office for Foreigners. Current migration events were also discussed - representatives of several institutions presented information on the countries of origin, statistical data and the results of the survey on the migration of Ukrainian citizens to Warsaw.

An important element of the conference was also the analysis of the most important data on immigrants from Belarus. In this context, the current situation in Belarus and Ukraine was presented along with the historical background.

 The Migrational Analytical Center is one of the elements of the Mechanism for Responding to the Migration Crisis established by the Ministers of the Interior of the Visegrad Group. The most important assumptions of the Center focus on data and analyzes - improving the quality of prepared reports, promoting a wider and effective use of analytics in decision-making processes and identifying the main causes of data problems.

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