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Online EMN Glossary is a glossary of asylum and migration terms. The EMN Glossary improves comparability by enabling a common understanding and use of terms and definitions relating to asylum and migration. The Glossary draws on a variety of sources, but primarily on the legislation of the EU asylum and immigration acquis, and makes terms available in the majority of Member State languages.

Each position in the dictionary contains the preferred term, definition, source of the definition, as well as notes and links with other terms.

The online version of the Glossary is version 6.0 and was updated in March 2018 with the addition of 29 new terms and amendments reflecting the latest terminology in EU asylum and migration policy.  The new and updated terms reflect all developments since the adoption of the European Agenda on Migration of May 2015.

Previous versions of the dictionary have been published in various languages. Version 3.0 in Arabic, Spanish, French, Lithuanian), Portuguese, while version 5.0 in German and Finnish.

The EMN glossary version 6.0 is also available for download as a mobile application in English and Italian for Android and iOS users.

The on line vrsion of the EMN Glossary is availabe here:

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