Europejska Sieć Migracyjna

Zmiana statusu imigracyjnego oraz celu pobytu

The aim of this EMN Focussed Study is to provide an overview and analysis of the conditions that regulate the changes of status between different categories of third-country nationals in the 24 EU Member States, which have submitted their National Reports for this Study. In this report, the concept of changes in the purpose of stay is interpreted rather broadly, covering any request for a different permit to stay than the original permit, by any category of third-country national whose (temporary or long-term) stay is authorised in a Member State. 

The Study covers those migrants holding an ‘authorisation / right to stay’, who are not in an irregular situation (with the exception of applicants for international protection or other national types of protection who have received a final negative decision) and all situations where the change of status takes place inside the territory of a particular Member State without the requirement for the individual to first leave the Member State or return to their country of origin. 

The Study also presents the statistics, provided by Eurostat and the Member States, on the number of third-country nationals that have been granted such status changes over the period of the last five years (2010-2014).

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